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Watford City is the seat of McKenzie County, which includes more than 500,000 acres of public lands in reserves like the Little Missouri National Grasslands and Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  


Watford City, North Dakota, is once again growing, dynamic community. The crude oil boom, tied to the surrounding Bakken Formation, has put this once small town on the forefront of an economic explosion.


With a population that has leapt from under 1,800 to well-over 5,000, and an expected population of 16,000+ within the next 7 years, Watford City needs new development to meet the increasing demand for housing, business services, and amenities. Watford City Square is a mixed-use property designed for this next phase of Watford City’s history.


The three-phase development includes features business travelers need and residents rely on, including office space, dining, extended-stay amenities, and short-term rates.


Three Buildings in Phase I (Block 1 of are completed, offering twenty two residential units and ten office/retail suites.  In addition eight duplexes have been completed in Block 4.


The region experiences a wide range of seasonal conditions, with July averaging 84 degrees while January sits at 18 degrees.  

The Watford City Municipal Airport offers air taxi service, and major airlines service the nearby North Dakota cities of Dickinson and Williston.

As the county seat, Watford City has many additional shared facilities, such as fairgrounds and tourist parks, to complement their own K-12 school system, community library, extensive parks and recreation program, etc.

The area is growing in response to the oil and natural gas boom in the Bakken region, and the community is extensively investing in important infrastructure, such as roads, telecommunication, water/sewer capacities and electrical network, to attract permanent industry and high-wage jobs.

The City has a hospital with emergency services, as well as some family medicine, dentistry, optometry, and chiropractic providers.

Watford City Square is a Mixed-Use, Three-Phase Development

Watford City Square is a mixed-use community development off Main Street in downtown Watford City, North Dakota.


Revitalizing three full blocks of real estate, Watford City Square offers studio and 2-bedroom units with extended-stay features. Restaurants, retail, and offices are at ground level.


Each block is a separate phase, with Phase I opening its first units in March 2014.


Phase I includes hospitality rentals and leased space for restaurants and businesses.


Adjacent to the development blocks are duplex townhomes.


Commercial space comes fully built and ready for companies to set up shop.


Two improved Phase I lots are for sale. These spaces can host buildings up to four stories high.


Lots from Phases II and III are also available for sale. Design a building to fit your specific needs, or lease space to others. Either way, we’ll handle the grading, paving, and utility services so these sites can be the foundation for your success in Watford City.

Watford City lies in western North Dakota, just 40 miles east of Montana, and 190 miles west of Bismarck, the state’s capital.


Founded in 1914, Watford City has a tradition of hard-work and great opportunities. Originally planted by entrepreneurs anticipating future service by the Great Northern Railway, the city has benefited from good fortune and rich natural resources.


Farmland, ranching, energy production, and tourism have historically defined the area, and Watford City serves as the county seat and central hub for McKenzie County’s rural population.


Located close by is Theodore Roosevelt National Park, a showcase for the beauty of North Dakota’s badlands and natural diversity.


Although the 2010 census put the population of Watford City at only 1,744, there has been an enormous surge in people and opportunities in recent years due to shale oil and natural gas exploration within the Bakken region.


The Bakken Formation is one of several shale deposits covering parts of Montana, North Dakota, and Canadian provinces Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


Oil was first discovered near Watford City in the early ‘50s, but large-scale mining was impractical with the extraction techniques of the day. Even oil estimates as recently as 2007 put the amount of technically recoverable oil at only a fraction of the formation’s total reserves.


However, the development and use of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing (or fracking, which creates new paths for oil with high-pressure water blasts) have allowed oil recovery since 2008 to exceed all expectations.


Oil companies have moved into the region, but the potential oil production demands more infrastructure, people, and services than the rural communities are prepared to provide.


Because of its proximity and base of services, Watford City has been a prime destination for the influx of workers, scientists, and entrepreneurs.


Watford City Square is proud to be part of the exciting present and thriving future, of Watford City.


Watford City Mixes Tradition with the Future of Energy


Watford City Square Development Plans

An aerial rendering shows Phase 2 of Watford City Square, a mixed-use community which includes extended-stay studio and 2-bedroom units, retail businesses, and office space.


Watford City Square serves the region’s growing population and business travelers brought in by oil drilling throughout the Bakken Formation.

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