Get to know the duplex homes at Watford City Square

Fourteen duplex homes will be built behind the three phases of Watford City Square.


Each unit has:

-  Vertical townhouse design

-  1,200 square feet of living space

-  3 bedrooms

-  1 bathroom


There are two units in each duplex, and each unit starts at $185,000.

Adjacent to each phase of the Watford City Square development will be duplex townhomes for sale.


Affordable houses for sale in Watford City are in short supply, and these new units will be wonderful places to settle or start a family. The town’s population is booming, and the housing supply already lags far behind the incredible demand for Watford City homes.


These 14 duplexes will be in a prime location, a block from Main Street but buffered by the picturesque Watford City Square mixed-use community.


The first of 28 duplex units will be ready in March 2014.


These are excellent investment properties as housing demand continues to rise in Watford City and people are eager to rent living space.

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