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Watford City, North Dakota

Investment real estate in Watford City, North Dakota

Located off Main Street, Watford City Square is an extension of historic downtown Watford City, North Dakota, which is perfectly placed to take advantage of the natural gas and oil boom happening now in the Bakken region of North Dakota.

Phase I of this downtown mixed-use community opens in March 2014, with lodging, businesses, and investment properties available.

As development continues, there will be additional opportunities to own investment property in Watford City Square.

Phase 1 lots

For sale are two improved Phase I lots, which can host buildings of up to four stories in height.

Phase II lots

Lots from Phases II and III are also available for sale. Design a building to fit your specific needs, or lease space to others, either way we’ll handle the grading, paving, and utility services so these sites can be the foundation for your success in Watford City.

Duplex rental property

Duplexes will be built in the area behind Watford City Square’s three development phases, with the first units completed in March 2014.

There are 14 planned duplexes with a total of 28 rentable units. Each unit will start at $185,000 to purchase.

Each unit is a 1,200-square-foot townhouse that has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, perfect for residents who want convenient access to Main Street and a home in downtown Watford City.

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